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Can you imagine a world, in which automation keeps the symptoms of rent mania away from you?
Can you imagine a world, in which your computer finds a flat for you?
Can you imagine a world, in which automation keeps the symptoms of rent mania away from you?
Can you imagine a world, in which you have a Wohnungsbot?

Three steps to an apartment viewing

Download and install the Wohnungsbot
Create your search profile, enter your personal data and write a template for your application
Der Wohnungsbot
The bot now looks for flats for you — 24/7, whenever your computer is turned on
Der Wohnungsbot
The bot submits your personalized application to suitable apartments as soon as they are published
Only once you're invited to a viewing of the apartment you review the offer and consider if you want to go
The story continues! Now in the Small Automation Theatre:

Act 3: In ultimate consequence

The Princess realizes that she must move to Berlin when she visits an exhibition in Leipzig. Fortunately, while looking for an apartment, she meets Kasperle, who introduces her to the Wohnungsbot. But even though the Wohnungsbot has already relieved countless people of the symptoms of rent mania, this mission plunges the Wohnungsbot into a crisis of existence, which not only makes him doubt prevailing narratives of automation.

The stage adaptation of the software "Wohnungsbot" negotiates the possibilities and consequences of the attempt to solve social problems with technical means.
Fully-automated puppet theatre
17 minutes, no intermission

17 January — 2 August 2020 at ZAK (Zitadelle Spandau) 19—21 June 2020 at U Karl-Marx-Straße (underground station) Since 4 August 2020 at Puppentheater Museum
The application "Wohnungsbot" for the exhibition as a download for all common desktop operating systems (no smartphones or tablets). Currently in German only.

for macOS 10.10 and up
Currently no signed builds or auto-update for macOS, please install and update manually
The Wohnungsbot is a free (as in beer and as in speech), open source software licensed under AGPL-3.0.
Find the source code on GitHub.

Does the Wohnungsbot help you? Head over here to support Clemens Schöll's artistic work.

Five reasons to use the Wohnungsbot

No more spending time with searching apartments online
Always be one of the first in the lessor's inbox
Never miss an apartment listing again — the bot sees every listing, no matter how short it stays online or whether you are lying in your hamock
Convincing, personalized applications thanks to text building blocks which the bot adapts to each listing
Less time spent searching for an apartment
= better mood

Can you imagine automation?

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The Wohnungsbot is part of the exhibition:

Of someone who went forth to find a flat in Berlin.

An automation-drama in three acts

Act 2: The bot's promise

by Clemens Schöll
14—16 June 2019
Weisestraße 58
12049 Berlin
Flat-hunting in Berlin? Always on the computer, scrolling, reloading, browsing, applying? Totally 2019.

But now the future is here, the Wohnungsbot: don't just get notified about flat offers - apply directly and automatically!

You only get automated mass replies to your applications? Exactly, that‘s why not only companies should automated and profit of it, but all of us.
In the exhibition (and to download at home) you can experience an alternative future thanks to Wohnungsbot: a future in which the housing shortage does not eat up your free time and nerves.

Who benefits from automation? How do we want flats to be allocated in our society?

The bot asks: Is other automation possible? Let's speculate and find out - and find your future home.

The artist and the bot will be present.

Opening reception Friday June 14 at 9PM
Open without interruption June 14, 7PM — June 16, 7PM
48 Stunden Neukölln Logo
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